2022 State of Digital Maturity: Advancing Workflow Automation

More than 20 years into the digital age, organizations are still struggling. 51% of workers spend at least two hours per day on repetitive tasks. But digitally mature orgs have found a better way to work. This digital maturity report reveals what they do differently.

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Report overview

Move your organization toward the goal of true efficiency.

Understand the state of digital maturity.
Learn about the four stages of digital maturity and what factors play a role in creating successful digital transformations. Only 4% of organizations have reached optimal digitally maturity. See how your org compares.
Identify efficiency issues and roadblocks.
Only one in four organizations feel prepared to quickly adapt and scale operations. Discover what issues may be holding your organization back from reaching its workflow automation, productivity, and digital transformation goals.
Advance your organization’s automation efforts.
Workflow automation increases efficiency, empowers employees, and creates better customer experiences. Yet only 13% of organizations have automated all workflows. Identify strategic next steps you can take to improve and move up the digital maturity scale.

2022 State of Digital Maturity:
Advancing Workflow Automation

Read the Report